Inspection Services

Healthcare Inspections Specialist – Building Reports Certified; Joint Commission Certified

Fire Tech Systems Inspectors are qualified technicians with Licenses and Certifications in:
Sprinkler Inspector; Alarm; Pre-Engineered; Fire Extinguisher; Backflow; Fixed Fire Suppression; NICET Fire Alarms; NICET Water Based Systems Layout; NICET Layout & Design; NICET Inspection Testing & Maintenance of Fire Alarms; Life Safety Apprentice; Portable Fire Extinguisher; Texas Commission of Environmental Quality; AFSA Trained; LA State Tagging & Rules

Licensed in – Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas


Regular inspection and testing is the best defense against system failure so that you may continue to have confidence in your fire protection systems so that you can operate your business securely and efficiently. We offer complete inspection and testing services for fire extinguishers, fire alarm, sprinkler systems, special hazard suppression systems, fire hoses, water tanks, private fire hydrants and restaurant hood suppression systems. We also, provide complete fire pump testing services, and foam system testing and analysis.

Some of the many inspection and testing services we offer:

  • Annual inspection and recommended testing of all fire extinguishers.
  • Regular periodic inspection, testing and maintenance on all types of fire protection systems
  • Regular inspection of all special hazard suppression systems
  • Inspection reports transmitted electronically to the customer
  • Eyewash Stations (as part of Life Safety Requirements)
  • All inspections are performed according to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes as well as state and local regulations and guidelines.

Web-Based Inspection Reports

Through our Building Reports Software, you can download your inspection reports online. 

Maintenance & Servicing

We have built our reputation on providing superior customer service. We specialize in the inspection and maintenance of a variety of fire protection equipment and systems and provide a 24 hour call out service to ensure your fire safety equipment is always in the best operating condition.

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