Virtual Reality Fire Extinguisher Training


Real Training Virtual Reality* (VR) fire simulator move fire exercise indoors. Then exercises can be carried out anywhere, at any time throughout the year and regardless of the weather.

The participant experiences the virtual fire, room and the fire, through the VR googles. He or she can move (walk) back and forth, sideways on real floor. The participant sees the nozzle, the fire extinguishing agent, in which direction it is delivered and the effect on the fire.

For an extinguishing attempt to succeed, the nozzle must be directed towards the fire in correct position; height, distance and direction. Extinguishing agent must be delivered in sufficient quantity. The extinguisher will run out of extinguishing agent as in real life.

Real Training participants rehearse extinguishing a realistic fire without extinguishing agent without combustible material, and smoke, in a data created environment similar to their own workplace, indoors, at the company’s location and without special clothing.

We mean this way practicing fire exercise gives better learning outcome than traditionally exercises.

* Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer technology that allows the user to interact with, and be affected by a data created environment that mimics reality.

The fire drill from instructor perspective

The instructor sets up the equipment, receive and register participants. Supervise participants and give feedback. Participants meet up at the agreed time. They may come one by one or in small groups to reduce latency. Takes on VR goggles, lift extinguishing apparatus and start virtual extinguishing. Participants may make the exercise as many times as they want.

Fire knowledge, fire prevention and fire drill from the participant perspective

The participant meet at agreed time, in receive guidance from the instructor. Put on the VR googles, lift the extinguisher, press the handle and start the fire fight drill and repeat as many times as he or she wants. The participants should conduct standardized e-learning or traditional teaching about fire prevention and fire theory.

The first few critical minutes.

I think all managers and employees, regardless of profession, language and cultural backgrounds fear fire. All fires start small and can – with proper effort – be extinguished before it gets big. Therefore, all must be able to initiate correct extinguishing during the first few critical minutes.

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